Welcome to the site of International acclaimed marimba virtuoso dr. Ludwig Albert.

Ludwig Albert belongs throughout the world as Belgian leading marimbist and pedagogue with the absolute top flight of marimbists nowadays. Aside his highly reviewed activities abroad, he's Professor marimba at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Leuven University College of Arts. Both renowned Universities assisted over 15 years in the European creation of a Marimba Master Department. Over 30 years he performed worldwide, released 15 albums with mainly own works and is hailed by press for his unique lyrical sound and his play with 8 mallets

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“Thank you very much for your ideas and sharing the approach to marimba fields”. (Keiko Abe, January 2014)
“I enjoyed your clinic at PASIC very much. My friends told me that it was one of the best clinics at PASIC and they learned a lot with your concept of sound, color etc…”. (Dr. Ney Rosauro, 7.12.2014)
“We are very proud to announce that again a marimba pioneer joins the Adams artist family. After Evelyn Glennie, now Ludwig Albert chooses for Adams.
Extra special on this announcement is that Adams and Ludwig Albert also worked on a new Artist 5-octave marimba: 'The Ludwig Albert signature marimba'.
This honor is for the first time presented to a European marimbist”. (
“Many thanks, I think your version of ‘Zamba para escuchar tu silencio’ is the best of all I heard! (Guillo Espel, 7 march 2007)
“Mr. Ludwig’s lyrical marimba approach is very unique and I expect many listeners will enjoy this CD”. (Keiko Abe- 9/6/2006)
"This is music of the highest quality”. (Knack weekend, 5 February 1997)
"He succeeds in giving the listener a view of the marimba’s prowess as a lyrical instrument and diminishing its reputation as only a “ novelty instrument”. (by Lisa Rogers, percussive notes USA, 2001)
"Albert's arrangements and the improvisations heard on this disc validate the importance of the artistic stimulation that can result when imaginative musicians draw inspiration from a rich musical heritage. (by John R. Raush, percussive notes USA, August 2003)
"I am very impressed with the overall excellence and superb musicianship of Ludwig Albert, which comes through on this CD. Albert's marimba sounds very warm and even throughout its registers on this CD. Albert is a rising start among marimba performers worldwide- particularly those who perform with 6 or 8 mallets". (by Jim Lambert, Percussive notes USA august 2003)
"Ludwig’s lyrical marimba approach is very unique and I expect many listeners will enjoy this CD”. (by Keiko Abe- 9/6/2006)
"The many contrasting techniques and colors will intrigue audiences” (George Frock, Percussive notes USA, 2004)